How to Pay

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Payments Made Easy

At Mobilicity, we make everything easy, even paying for your monthly service. Sign up for automatic monthly payments or choose the method that is most convenient for you. You can also add money to your My Wallet™ account anytime to get additional features not included in your plan.

Payment Due Dates

Forgot your due date? You’ll find it by logging in to your account but don’t worry, we’ll also send you a text message reminder each month so you’ll never forget to pay your bill.

Automatic Monthly Payments

Never worry about missing a payment again when you sign up for automatic monthly payments with your credit card, chequing account or Visa debit card.

One-Time Online Payments

Need to make a quick payment? Pay with a credit card anytime online from your desktop, laptop or tablet.

Pay Online Now

From Your Mobilicity Phone

Pay online directly from your Mobilicity Phone by going to:

New My Mobilicity App

Download My Mobilicity App from your Android smartphone through the Google Play to make easy payments on the go.

My Mobilicity App

Visit Any Mobilicity Store

Visit a Mobilicity Store to pay with cash, debit or a credit card. A $3 fee applies for in-store payments.

Call Customer Care

Call 1-877-8MOBIL8 from any phone or 611 from your Mobilicity phone.

Have your credit card ready for payment.

My Wallet™

My Wallet™ is an easy worry-free way to pay for additional services not included in your unlimited plan, such as roaming and long distance. Since you manage the money in your My Wallet™ account, you control how much you spend so you’ll never pay more than you plan to. You can add money to My Wallet™ online or on your mobile phone.

Manage My Wallet™