This fall, Mobilicity joins the chatr family to provide a mobile experience that delivers flexibility with larger zones and a reliable network.

Making the move to chatr

By joining chatr you can stay connected with your family and friends – plus, you will enjoy larger zones and our consistent, reliable network. Here are just some of the benefits that our chatr customers enjoy:

Unlimited plans for one flat fee.

We get it - you want to talk, text and use data- and you want to do it for less. That’s what our unlimited plans are all about. All your talk and incoming text messages are included so you can stay connected anywhere you go.

No bills. No surprises.

chatr has simple, affordable plans you can pay for up front so you never see a bill.

No term contracts or credit checks.

chatr lets you stay in touch without worrying about stuff like credit checks, term contracts or surprise bills.

Larger unlimited zones.

Your expanded unlimited zone will give you more space to keep you connected. Plus, great indoor and underground reception.

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